East coast serial killer 2020 name

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East coast serial killer 2020 name

Do you understand that, sir? Do you understand that as well, sir? Do you understand the terms of this plea. By Heather Murphy and Tim Arango.

For decades, a killer was on the loose in California, terrorizing victims from the southern coast to the Central Valley to the Bay Area and the tidy subdivisions near Sacramento. The final accounting of his crime spree was 13 known murders and nearly 50 rapes. The crimes began in and the case, finally, reached its denouement on Monday in a hearing inside a ballroom at Sacramento State University that, because of the pandemic, was livestreamed.

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He wore an orange prison jumpsuit and a plastic face shield and was surrounded by district attorneys from several jurisdictions where he committed his crimes. The hearing went on for hours, as Mr. In front of victims and their families, Amy Holliday, the Sacramento County deputy district attorney, announced the plea arrangement, which took the death penalty off the table in exchange for guilty pleas that resulted in 11 consecutive life sentences. In addition, she said, he also agreed to admit guilt in a multitude of crimes for which he was not charged, some of which had passed the statute of limitations.

Throughout the hearing, prosecutors from counties across California approached the podium and described a series of murders, rapes and burglaries in detail. Michael G. DeAngelo for his plea. The judge then asked whether he admitted the circumstances of the crime.

Asked by the judge if he understood he would receive 11 consecutive life sentences without parole, Mr. The hearing was held in the ballroom in part to accommodate in-person attendance amid the coronavirus pandemic.

DeAngelo and his lawyers wore transparent face shields. After speaking, Judge Bowman put on a black face mask. Holliday said at the start. The advanced age of many of the key players involved also played a role. DeAngelo had eluded the authorities for four decades before he was arrested in in a Sacramento suburb. Investigators used a DNA sample that had been found at the scene of a double murder in Ventura County in to create a fake profile on a genealogy website.

They were able to match the sample to distant relatives of Mr. In rapid succession, police departments across the country made arrests in dozens of cases that were long ago deemed unsolvable, further fueling excitement and encouraging agencies to create in-house genetic genealogy units.

east coast serial killer 2020 name

But as the technique has become increasingly commonplace, genealogists, legal scholars and some legislators have voiced concerns that this revolutionary approach is violating the privacy of the people who join DNA databases to learn about themselves — not to help the police arrest their relatives for violent crimes. The fact that the approach remains largely unregulated, even as law enforcement has begun applying the technique to increasingly minor crimes — such a burglary — has only fueled criticism.

But Elizabeth Joh, a law professor at the University of California, Davis, said the horrifying nature of his crimes should not obscure the need for more thorough regulation of the technique. The crimes associated with the man who would become known as the Golden State Killer began in the mids, and byafter a series of horrifying rapes of women in their homes in Sacramento County, he was nicknamed the East Area Rapist.

The community held packed public forums to discuss the cases that seemed to be occurring once every month. DeAngelo was arrested. DeAngelo, working as a police officer at the time, soon moved from rape to murder, killing a married couple, Brian and Katie Maggiore, while they were walking their dog in the city of Rancho Cordova in But inthe crime wave suddenly stopped, leading to decades of speculation.

Had the killer died? Had he moved to another state? It turns out, he settled into a quiet life in the Sacramento suburbs — working at a Save Mart grocery store in Roseville — where he was eventually captured in In a world that tends to frown on murdering your fellow man, serial killers are often considered the worst of the worst.

serial killer on the loose 2020 east coast

Yet, they're very, very real. It's borderline unbelievable that anyone would choose to kill people over and over again. Author and former police detective Michael Arntfield thinks that the number could be as high as 4, Obviously, we have no way to know for sure which of these undiscovered serial killers are most terrifying, because, well, they haven't been caught yet.

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Still, we definitely do know about some of them Let's take a look at some of the most dangerous serial killers who are still out and about in When you're known as "The Monster of the Andes," you have a lot of monstrosity to live up to, and according to BiographyPedro Alonzo Lopez is as terrifying as they come. The Colombian serial killer and diagnosed sociopath wandered around Peru and Ecuador, targeting young girls. While it's estimated that he may have killed over people, he was ultimately convicted for "just" murders.

What is Lopez doing on this list if we already know who he was and he's already been caught? Well, they did indeed catch him inbut seeing as this was in Ecuador, the country's laws only allowed a maximum prison sentence of 16 years.

Out of these, he spent 14 years in a prison. Inhe was released for good behavior, and deported to his native Colombia, where he was declared insane and put in a psychiatric hospital. In earlyhe was declared sane, which proved to be a bad move. Lopez promptly visited his elderly mother to demand his inheritance, and upon learning that she was poor, he sold her possessions a chair and a bed on the street.

After that, he disappeared without a trace. No one knows where this terrifying man is today, though there is some concern that he may have had a hand in at least one murder since his vanishing act. Imagine a group that ruthlessly stalks young, inebriated victims, and kills them in a way that makes it very difficult to tell whether the death was accidental or not.

Sincethey have posited a theory that some sort of gang or a group of "domestic terrorists" is targeting young, white men with a college education, often after a night of drinking. They abduct them, murder them, and make the deaths look like accidental drownings. The only sign of their involvement is an ominous smiley face graffiti near the alleged crime scenes. If you think it's more than possible a young guy with some alcohol in his blood stream might indeed drown accidentally, well, the FBI agrees with you.

Then again, Gilbertson, Gannon, and Duarte say they've discovered that some of the over 40 victims they believe to have identified have been missing for weeks, yet their bodies only showed signs of having only been dead for days upon discovery. The bodies also have traces of the infamous date drug GHB, which could have been used to incapacitate the victims before kidnapping them. Even more chillingly, the trio think that the "Smiley Face Killers" might be involved in as many as deaths.

You'd be forgiven for not being familiar with the Freeway Phantom. According to Cheryl W. Thompson of the Washington Postthis brutal serial killer operated around Washington D. Nevertheless, this particular serial killer stood out.Joseph James DeAngelo Jr.

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DeAngelo was responsible for at least three crime sprees throughout California, each of which spawned a different nickname in the press, before it became evident that they were committed by the same offender. In the San Joaquin Valleyhe was known as the Visalia Ransacker before moving to the Sacramento areawhere he became known as the East Area Rapist and was linked by modus operandi to additional attacks in Contra Costa CountyStocktonand Modesto.

DeAngelo is believed to have taunted and threatened both victims and police in obscene phone callsand possibly written communications. During the decades-long investigation, several suspects were cleared through DNA evidencealibior other investigative methods.

A relative reported that when DeAngelo was a young child, he witnessed his 7-year-old sister being raped by two airmen in a warehouse in West Germanywhere the family was stationed at the time.

Joseph James DeAngelo

He played on the school's junior varsity baseball team. From May to Augusthe was a burglary unit police officer in Exeter a town of about 5, people, near Visaliahaving relocated from Citrus Heights.

In MayDeAngelo became engaged to Bonnie Jean Colwell, a classmate at Sierra College, but she broke off the relationship after DeAngelo threatened her with a gun in order to force her to marry him. Inthey purchased the house in Citrus Heights where he was eventually arrested. His employment history in the s is unknown. His brother-in-law said that DeAngelo casually brought up the East Area Rapist in conversation around the time of the original crimes.

Neighbors reported that DeAngelo frequently engaged in loud, profane outbursts. It was long suspected that the training ground of the criminal who became the East Area Rapist was Visalia, California [48] [49] [50] [51] although earlier Visalia crimes dating back as early as May and other sprees like the " Cordova Cat Burglar " [52] as well as burglaries that took place after the McGowen shooting, are now suspected to be linked as well.

In late Aprilthe Visalia chief of police stated that while there was no DNA linking DeAngelo to the Central Valley cases, his department had other evidence that played a role in the investigation, and that he was "confident that the Visalia Ransacker has been captured.

Items emptied included piggy banks and coin jars, and stolen items often included Blue Chip Stampsforeign or historic coins, and personal items such as single earrings, cuff-links, rings, or medallionsbut also included six weapons and various types of ammunition.

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Common MOs of the burglaries included: [67] [61] [68]. Whitney High Schoolunderwent hypnosis in order to gather further details.

east coast serial killer 2020 name

Nighttime stakeouts were set up near houses that he had previously prowled, but the ransackings continued. Kaweah Avenue, near where the Ransacker had been reported to frequent. DeAngelo moved to the Sacramento area inwhere his crimes escalated from burglary to rape. The crimes initially centered on the then- unincorporated areas of CarmichaelCitrus Heights and Rancho Cordovaeast of Sacramento.

Most victims had seen or heard a prowler on their property before the attacks, and many had experienced break-ins. It was believed that he sometimes entered the homes of future victims to unlock windows, unload guns, and plant ligatures for later use. He frequently telephoned future victims, sometimes for months in advance, to learn their daily routines. Although he originally targeted women alone in their homes or with children, [9] [83] DeAngelo eventually preferred attacking couples.

The female victim was usually forced to tie up her male companion before she was bound. He moved the woman to the living room and often raped her repeatedly, sometimes for several hours. DeAngelo sometimes spent hours in the home ransacking closets and drawers, [87] eating food in the kitchen, drinking beer, raping the woman again or making additional threats.

Victims sometimes thought he had left the house before he "jump[ed] from the darkness. He then crept away, leaving victims uncertain if he had left. He was believed to escape on foot through a series of yards and then use a bicycle to go home or to a car, making extensive use of parks, schoolyards, creek beds, and other open spaces which kept him off the street.Police officials declined to provide more specific information about when the announcement would be made. The previously unidentified woman's remains were found in two areas of Long Island, more than 40 miles 65 kilometers and a decade apart: in in Manorville, near where Long Island splits into its two eastern forks, and in near Gilgo Beach on the Atlantic Coast, where the remains of 11 people were found.

Investigators have been unable to determine who killed them or whether a lone serial killer or several suspects were involved. Over the years, they've said it is unlikely one person killed all the victims. The case has attracted national headlines, been featured on true-crime television shows and was the subject of a recent Netflix film. The previously unidentified woman is at least the second whose remains were found at the beach and also in Manorville.

Police found the skull of Jessica Taylor, a year-old prostitute who disappeared innear Gilgo Beach and most of the rest of her body in a wooded area of Manorville. In January, police revealed a previously unreleased photograph of initials on a black leather belt — either an HM or WH, depending on the angle — that they say was handled by an unknown suspect.

Last fall, state officials gave investigators the green light to ask the FBI to deploy genetic genealogy, a technique in which genetic profiles are run though databases to find potential relatives of a homicide victim or suspect. It's that technology that led to the woman's identification, police said. Shows Good Morning America. World News Tonight. This Week.

The View. What Would You Do? Sections U.

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Virtual Reality. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Comments 0. Eric Trump claims family lost 'fortune' in pushback of pay-for-play report. Fauci says he didn't give permission to be used in Trump campaign ad. Texas coach gunned down outside youth football game. ABC News Live.A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more people, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant period of time between them.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 9 October Wikimedia list article.

east coast serial killer 2020 name

This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Holmes, Stephen T. Holmes Contemporary Perspectives on Serial Murder. SAGE Publications. Retrieved June 15, Serial murder is the killing of three or more people over a period of more than 30 days, with a significant cooling-off period between the murders [ The time frame also appears to be an agreed-upon component of the definition.

Tampa Bay Times. The Madras Pioneer. January 4, Indiana Death Row. Prosecuting Attorney Clark County Indiana. July 1, Retrieved January 23, The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers 2nd ed. Checkmark Books. The State. Times Daily.She later recounted that he said he was taking care of Gilbert, and that he "ran a home for wayward girls.

Three days later, he called the mother again, denying that he had any contact with her daughter, and that he had called Mari Gilbert. All rights reserved. In New York this past weekend, murderers crowded bars to drink red rums and carouse like assholes. It was also announced that new scientific evidence was being used in the investigation, and that they had launched gilgonews. Law enforcement and emergency personnel examine an object on the side of the road near Jones Beach in Wantagh, New York, on Monday, April 11, Police found the skull of a prostitute named Jessica Taylor, who was 20 when most of the rest of her body was found in a wooded area of Manorville shortly after she disappeared in This was in August No one said God Bless You.

Suffolk County police, which said doing so could harm their investigation, have appealed a judge's ruling to turn over the recording. Her mother disagrees. However, Hart — a former FBI agent who became commissioner insaid Gilbert's cause of death was "inconclusive. Kevin Smith of the Nassau County Police Department said that his office will "further explore and investigate any criminal activity which may be in close proximity to the recently discovered human remains found in Suffolk.

Your email address will not be published. Facebook Instagram. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Recent Posts serial killer on the loose east coast. Recent Comments. Archives September Categories Uncategorized. Meta Log in Entries feed Comments feed.It was only after authorities accidentally stumbled upon human remains whilst searching for missing sex worker Shannan Gilbert that they realized Gilgo Beach might be a dumping area for a serial killer.

After initially uncovering four bodies, police widened their search and discovered another six. One body was that of a toddler, later discovered to be the daughter of one of the victims. Several suspects were soon identified but none of them with any conclusive ties to the ten victims found.

The mystery of the LISK lives on. Between andthe bodies of eight women between the ages of were found dumped in the swamps of Jefferson Davis Parish near Jennings, Louisiana. Interestingly, the victims had several things in common. Several of them knew each other, one pair of victims even being cousins. Perhaps more bizarrely was that all of the victims acted as police informants, several of whom actually reported on other Jeff Davis victims before their own murders.

The investigation into murders of the Jeff Davis 8 never identified a legitimate suspect, but it led to wild allegations of misconduct amongst Louisiana police. Muddling the case further, an investigative reporter later stated the person or people responsible for these killings were most likely part of law enforcement. The fact that the perpetrator or perpetrators could be investigating their own crimes makes the Jeff Davis 8 a particularly disturbing case.

Today, the case is known as a possible example of police corruption. In Februarya woman out for a walk with her dog discovered what she believed to be human bones on a mesa near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Police soon investigated, and to their shock, they subsequently discovered the remains of eleven women in total along the same stretch of land. The women ranged between ages and were all involved in the sex trade. Most were of Hispanic descent and one of the women was pregnant at the time of her murder.

While the case remains unsolved, police do have two major suspects. However, one of them is in prison on an unrelated charge and the other is dead. Lorenzo Montoya lived in a trailer a few miles from where the victims were found, but was killed in by a sex worker and most likely his next victim. The case is still open today.

The Rainbow Maniac was a serial killer in Carapicuiba, Brazil who targeted gay men and transvestites. Over the span of 18 months between andthe Rainbow Maniac killed 13 people execution-style with bullets to the head, all of whom were killed in Paturis Park and then dumped in nearby bushes with their trousers around their ankles. One of his victims he beat to death and his twelfth victim was shot a grand total of twelve times.

However, at the time of the murders, several ultra-conservative groups were highly vocal of their intolerance towards homosexuality.

east coast serial killer 2020 name

Ina suspect was arrested and trialed in relation to the killings, but was found not guilty by the deciding jury. Back ina curious motorcyclist made his way into Soka forest in IbadanOyo State, Nigeria, and what he found was like something from a HP Lovecraft story. He found a small colonized area of decrepit buildings, and inside there were over twenty rotten corpses and severed human skulls, and most terrifyingly, ten live people chained to slaughter benches.

Other buildings had piles of clothes, boots and passports inside them. Police have attempted to trace the owners of the passports but have been unable to find them. Photo via thenationalonlineng. Exactly who might be responsible for such horrors is still unconfirmed, but rumors state that the place may have been a den for religious zealots to indulge in ritual sacrifice and flesh-eating.

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Nigeria is a very religious country, and such cannibalistic acts have deep primal associations. Since the discovery of the forest, many Nigerians with missing relatives have flocked to the area to search for their loved ones. All drowned after getting intoxicated. However, the kicker is that these drownings happening in 11 different states. Despite the distance between them, some detectives think that drownings are actually the work of a serial killer or group of serial killers.

This is dubbed the Smiley Face Murder Theory. Allegedly, detectives claim that smiley faces have been found near the sites where at least twelve of the men have drowned.


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